You can tell it’s almost spring. Some of the trees have started to bud out. A few buttercups have braved the cold to begin to bloom. And blue lawns have shown up all over town. What is this blue and why is your yard not blue? The blue marker dye was introduced in the lawn care market years ago to aid in training new technicians and to verify coverage in applications. On occasion, Personal Lawn Care does use marker dye, but usually only on large commercial properties. For the most part, we have chosen not to use the marker dye on residential properties and here are the reasons why:

10. We think it’s just plain ugly.

9. It’s expensive – The cost of the dye can add to the cost of your application.

8. It’s messy (at the end of the day, our technicians feel as though they look like Pappa Smurf).

7. It gets all over our trucks.

6. Grass should be either green or tan, not blue.

5. It’s not necessary if you know what you’re doing – Well trained technicians know where they have been and how much product they’ve applied.

4. If the spray hasn’t dried, the marker dye can be tracked into the house by shoes or pets.

3. No one likes a blue pet.

2. Blue fences, sidewalks and brick are not typically desired by homeowners.

1. Did I mention that it’s ugly?