1. Flu Shot for Your Lawn

    Did you remember to get a flu shot... for your lawn? Protect Zoysia now or resod later. Thick Zoysia turf can be an envy of the neighborhood. This versatile durable grass grows well from full sun to partial shade. It’s durable, but not indestructible. During the spring & fall Zoysia can quickly come under attack-seemingly overnight-from a disease called Zoysia Patch. Large circular, semi-cir…Read More

  2. get lawn spray services from Personal Lawn Care for a nice yard in Memphis

    Guardian of the Green: What Lawn Spray Can Do for You

    You see them all over TV, hear about them from your green-thumbed neighbor, and know you need to have a bottle or two in your garage — but what is lawn spray and what can it do for you? The answer is somewhat complicated, but in today’s post we are going to go over some general information about lawn spray and highlight some of the ways it can help you keep a healthy, lush lawn. If you are loo…Read More

  3. Summer Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance – Pt. One

    Nothing says “summer in the South” quite like a BBQ or neighborhood hangout on your fresh cut lawn. That being said, no one wants to invite their friends, family, or coworkers over to stand around on dead, brown patches of grass. Proper lawn care is about more than having green grass, it’s about setting a stage where you and your guests can relax and create lasting memories. In part one of t…Read More