As a family owned and operated company, we established our mission on the belief that our clients come first – always. Working with both commercial property owners and homeowners, it is our pride and joy to help maintain your landscape with ease. Our motto has always been, “Caring for your lawn as if it were our own.” We are dedicated to service excellence and we take your lawn care seriously. Paying attention to the smallest of details and treating our clients with the respect that they deserve, we believe in providing a level of quality service found nowhere else. Doing the right thing the first time, you never have to worry when you choose to work with us. If you need lawn care, you need Personal Lawn Care. Let us take care of your lawn the right way; get your free estimate today.

Growing up, Cullen always loved being outdoors. As a child, he followed his grandmothers as they worked with their flower gardens and tagged along behind his dad who always had an incredible vegetable garden. As early as 7 or 8, Cullen was helping mow lawns and maintain flower beds. Through high school and into college and beyond, he cut lawns for several of the families in his parent’s neighborhood.

Science was always a favorite subject for Cullen and his love of the outdoors was a natural fit. As a sophomore in college, Cullen began working for Floyd McDaniel, the owner of Mac’s Lawn Service, one of the pioneers in Memphis lawn care. Mr. Mac had begun servicing lawns in the mid-‘70’s and passed along his knowledge and passion for lawn transformation and client satisfaction to all of those who worked for him. In the fall of 1987, Mr. Mac was ready to retire and Cullen was in his third year of teaching junior high science and math (and needed something to do with his time during the summers!).

On October 1, 1987, Cullen and his wife, Pat, officially launched Personal Lawn Care with the motto “Caring For Your Lawn As If It Were Our Own.” With his unique upbringing as a lawn and landscape enthusiast and his early career as a science teacher, Cullen has built Personal Lawn Care into a team of diversified lawn and garden specialists with a focus on the science of responsible horticultural treatments. From that inauspicious beginning to today, Cullen has focused on satisfying his client’s needs, offering detailed, personalized service programs, and researching new products or methods for controlling difficult weeds and pests.