Our weed control application provides pre-emergent treatment (before the weeds come up), post-emergent treatment (after the weeds are up), or a combination of both. Though lawn care companies would love to offer a weed control guarantee, it is simply not possible. With consistent weed control applications, you can “weed” out a lot of the issues, but it takes time. If you are signed up for our Total Care Service, Personal Lawn Care offers touch-ups if needed. If you are on the A La Carte Service, then we offer touch-ups for 30 days after each application, if needed. Questions? Get in touch with us today!

Spring Weed Control:

Our first weed control application of the year is applied in early spring, usually before the grass turns green. It provides a barrier in the soil level to prevent the majority of springtime weeds from showing their pesky little heads. Any weeds that have already emerged at the time of the application will also be controlled.

Summer Weed Control:

Our second weed control application, typically applied during late spring to early summer, will control any weeds that might have emerged and continue the pre-emergent treatment — preventing late summer breakthroughs. This application also includes an additional spot-spray to pinpoint difficult-to-control weeds.

Fall/Winter Weed Control

Our last application of the season, applied in mid- to late-fall, prevents the germination of winter weeds, and controls any existing weeds. This application will help start your lawn off on a good, clean foot in the spring.

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