Growth Regulator

This application reduces the growth rate of your grass which will result in a reduced number of mowings while at the same time thickening the turf canopy and increasing the root mass. This may also improve the color of the lawn and can make the turf more disease resistant. This lawn care treatment can last up to 6 weeks.

Fescue Overseeding

Fescue is often the grass of choice for the shaded lawns in the Mid-South. Fescue overseeding is the process of adding new grass to an area with thinning grass, or an area with patches of dirt that need to be filled in. We apply a high quality seed blend selected for the greater Memphis area. Fescue seeding should be done in early spring and early fall each year as needed to help thicken up your fescue lawn. Contact us to learn more!


Lime applications neutralize acidic soil and allow better utilization of nutrients and weed control applications. We suggest this lawn care service on an every-other-year schedule or as needed. If you notice that your lawn is lacking vigor or is struggling to green up in the spring, a lime application may be in order. Before an initial lime application, a soil analysis may be necessary. We perform the soil analysis by taking several samples from various areas of the lawn. These samples are analyzed in a professional lab. After we receive the report, we provide you with a copy, along with our lawn care recommendations. We will follow up with a phone call a few days later to answer any questions you may have and to schedule your service.

Personal Lawn Care Shrub Saver Program

Personal Lawn Care specializes in proactive treatment of your landscape plant problems, such as malnutrition and damage, to eliminate the hassle of maintenance. Our Shrub Saver Program helps you control insects and disease year-round. Let our experts provide a balanced nutrient package for lush green foliage and beautiful blooms to help ensure that they will grow to their full potential.

  • Spring : Disease & Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer
  • Summer: Disease & Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer
  • Fall: Disease & Insect Protection Plus Fertilizer

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