Personal Lawn Care typically recommends three fertilization applications. Each application uses a blend of nutrients specifically selected for the time of year and type of lawn. Not only does fertilization provide your lawn with that green, healthy color, it actually encourages healthy grass growth. Whether it is enhancing strong root growth and disease resistance, or simply creating a lush, green lawn, proper lawn fertilizer treatments are essential. Contact us today to get started!

Spring Fertilization

In spring to early summer, we apply our Spring Fertilization which features a time-released formula to encourage healthy root growth (for drought resistance), strong leaf formation (for disease resistance), and strong color. If you are a Total Care Service client, then weed control touch-ups will be included with every lawn fertilizer application, if needed. There are times when we combine both weed control and fertilizer products in the same application. We have found this combination to be effective.

Summer Fertilization

Lawn care is a year-round process. Applied in mid- to late-summer, this lawn fertilizer application provides your lawn with a high quality, slow-release fertilization. It delivers key nutrients to help your lawn stay strong and green through the hot summer. It will also begin to help prepare your lawn for fall dormancy. As with all applications, it is very important that you follow your service note (provided at the time of service) for irrigation and mowing timing. Failure to water at the appropriate time after this application may cause stress to your lawn.

Fall/Winter Fertilization

This application consists of a low nitrogen/high potash fertilizer applied in late fall to early winter. This will encourage your lawn to continue to store energy, making it winter-ready. This application is critical to effective lawn care. One of our technicians describes this application as “Gatorade for your lawn.”

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