1. Wildflower Gardening Part 1: Common-Sense Gardening

    What’s the latest news about gardening? It’s native plants (wildflowers). It is high time to have a focused discussion about native plants: Common sense gardening, doing it mother nature’s way. Native plants offer us a wonderful alternative to transplants brought in from other parts of the country. We can reduce our workload because nature is remarkably self-sufficient. After all, they’ve…Read More

  2. How to Prune Crape Myrtles without Committing Crape Murder

    In early spring (usually February through March) we start thinking about pruning our Crape Myrtles. Proper pruning can result in a healthy, visually pleasing shrub. If done improperly, you risk insect and disease issues as well as an undesirable look to your shrub. (They are botanically considered a shrub.) There are three aspects to consider when caring for Crape Myrtles: 1. Choose the right tree…Read More

  3. How to Trim Ornamental Grasses

    Daniel Davidson, with Alan Ivey Landscape says: Monkey grass: I normally set the height of the push mower at the highest setting. Fountain grass: depends on height and type. Contact your landscape professional for more info. Tall grass: I probably cut back 1' to 2' from base of plant. Smaller grass:  probably 8'' to 16'' from base of plant. It's more of a gut feeling when cutting it back if that …Read More

  4. Tips on Trees

    According to Eddy Perry of Dr. Ugly Tree Service, tree pruning can be done anytime of the year; however, recommended times very depending on the species. Winter in general is a great time to prune. Well pruned plants or trees produce more flowers and fruit. Sensible pruning also helps ward off pests and diseases. To learn more about your lawns specific needs, feel free to contact: Dr Ugly Tree …Read More

  5. It’s Time to Get Our Yards Ready for Spring!

    February and March are the time to get our yards ready for Spring. According to Hunter Ivy of Ivy's Lawn & Garden Care, right now we are trimming monkey grass, ornamental grass, and other spent perennials.  We also provide late winter clean ups to include final leaf removals as well as shrub maintenance if needed. For long-term appearance, Crape Myrtles should be thinned, not topped.  We s…Read More

  6. Spring Is Coming! Is Your Landscaping Ready?

    Daniel Davidson at Alan Ivey Landscape has some must-do tips for spring: This is the time of year that most of us are looking forward to the weather beginning to warm back up, and gearing up for the growing season. There are several things you can do to prepare your landscape for the spring flush as I call it. In February  1. Begin cutting back monkey grass: Cutting back your monkey grass will re…Read More

  7. What to Do with an Icy Lawn

    When it begins snowing or sleeting in the Mid-South, we batten down the hatches. Roads are salted, schools are closed and that crucial run for bread and milk has been made. But do we think about our lawn and landscaping? Usually not until there are issues. Turf:  Sleet and freezing rain can lead to a coating of ice over your trees, shrubs and turf. Though it may seem counter intuitive, if you get…Read More