1. Lawn Care Tips: Winter Care for Memphis Lawns

    Do you need to tend to your lawn during winter? Absolutely! Caring for your lawn during the winter is actually a good preparation for greening up in the spring. The best way to know how to maintain your lawn during this time of year is to have your soil analyzed. A soil analysis determines the nutrients available to your grass – the quantity of these nutrients will determine the amount of fertil…Read More

  2. Irrigation: What, When, Why

    Whether you are using an installed irrigation system or a manual (eg. sprinkler or hand watering) irrigation system, there are several points to consider to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. How much water? For established grass, once the temperatures get into the 80’s, Cullen recommends 1” of water in each area once a week. A great way to measure this is to take an empty can (soup, vegetab…Read More

  3. Everything You Need to Know to Have a Beautiful Lawn

    1. Choose Wisely  (just like mama said) No matter what you do, if you have the wrong type of grass for your area of the country or your lawn’s specific needs, the lawn will be mediocre at best. Lawn professionals in our area are familiar with the grasses that grow well in the different lawn settings.  Full-sun large lawns, north-sloping lawns under large trees, partially shaded patio lawns - e…Read More