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    Guardian of the Green: What Lawn Spray Can Do for You

    You see them all over TV, hear about them from your green-thumbed neighbor, and know you need to have a bottle or two in your garage — but what is lawn spray and what can it do for you? The answer is somewhat complicated, but in today’s post we are going to go over some general information about lawn spray and highlight some of the ways it can help you keep a healthy, lush lawn. If you are loo…Read More

  2. Invasion of the Armyworms!

    INVASION! Have you noticed chewed leaves and brown grass? Worms in your yard? Uh-oh, you’ve got ARMYWORMS! What are armyworms and what do they do, you ask? Armyworms DEVOUR almost everything in their path. The dry conditions of summer made the perfect breeding ground for moths to lay their eggs, and the recent wet weather (beneficial to the caterpillar's survival) has encouraged the armyworms t…Read More

  3. Know How to Defend Yourself against BAGWORMS!

    Early June is the time of year bagworms become most destructive. You may be familiar with the Christmas tree ornament like silken bags attached to branches of evergreens. These interesting cocoon-like casings expel hundreds of bagworm larvae that go to work on your prized plants. Bagworms are particularly destructive in early summer. The caterpillars (larvae) emerge from their bags (that Christmas…Read More

  4. White Grubs: Silent Grass Killers

    There are many insects that can be found in residential lawns. Some, like ants and fire ants, don’t damage turf, but can be a nuisance to homeowners. Others, like grubs, can do significant damage to lawns before you even know they’re there. Though the thought of hundreds of tiny grubs feasting on your lawn may be scary, there is hope. What are White Grubs? White Grubs are the larvae of several…Read More

  5. Are Your Moles under Control?

    If you have ever walked across your lawn and thought you were walking on a sponge or looked across your manicured outdoor living space and thought a group of miniature miners were building tunnels looking for gold, then you might have moles. Moles are small mammals that feed primarily on insects (grubs, earthworms, etc.). They are small (4-8” on average), have a long snout, web-like clawed feet …Read More