Do you need to tend to your lawn during winter? Absolutely! Caring for your lawn during the winter is actually a good preparation for greening up in the spring.

The best way to know how to maintain your lawn during this time of year is to have your soil analyzed. A soil analysis determines the nutrients available to your grass – the quantity of these nutrients will determine the amount of fertilizer needed while the acidity will determine the amount of lime you may need.

Fertilizer On Dormant Grass?

Grass roots continue to grow for several weeks after frost. Potassium is a nutrient important for root strength and food storage during winter. How much your lawn needs depends on the nutrient levels found in your soil.

Lime Application

Lime is applied to your soil when it is acidic. Soil acidity and the amount of lime your soil needs can be determined by a soil analysis.     


Most lawns require less water when dormant, so reduce the amount of water you use (unless a specific need arises like fescue seeding). Putting too much water on your plants and lawn during winter might result in root rot.


Plants need to breathe too. Get other plant debris, like fallen leaves, off of your lawn. These cover your grass which prevents them from getting enough sunlight and air to create food.

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