Nothing says “summer in the South” quite like a BBQ or neighborhood hangout on your fresh cut lawn. That being said, no one wants to invite their friends, family, or coworkers over to stand around on dead, brown patches of grass. Proper lawn care is about more than having green grass, it’s about setting a stage where you and your guests can relax and create lasting memories. In part one of this two-part series, we share three lawn care tips that will help you cultivate and maintain a healthy, inviting yard this summer — and if you want to beat the heat and leave it to the pros, get in touch with the experts at Personal Lawn Care in Memphis!

Start With a Strong Foundation

Like all things, proper lawn care starts from the ground-up. Fertilizing your lawn early in the summer can give you grass that is more resistant to heat and can last longer without water. For this to be successful, however, you need to use the right kind of fertilizer in the right amounts. Even if you have the right fertilizer, applying too much can kill your grass, so this can be a dangerous line to walk. If you want to get this right the first time – instead of waiting for a redo next summer – get in touch with Personal Lawn Care for a free estimate. With affordable pricing and a shining reputation in Memphis and the surrounding areas, you’ll be surprised how cost-effective and stress-free professional lawn care can be.

Hate it Dry? Mow High!

Direct sunlight isn’t the only thing that sucks the moisture out of grass, weeds do too! When you cut your grass short, you expose the earth to more sunlight, which boosts the growth of weeds and helps them spread. The more weeds you have and the stronger they are, the more your grass has to compete with them for the precious moisture that keeps it alive all summer. When you cut your grass high, the blades help shield the earth from excessive sunlight and slow the germination of weeds. Plus, a higher cut supports strong root growth. If you want resilient, heat-tolerant grass, “mow high” needs to be your new lawn care mantra.

Pest Control Treatments

From fleas and ticks, to crickets, billbugs, spiders, and turf-damaging grubs, there is no shortage of pests during the summertime in Memphis. To face them, you will need to become the Michael Jordan of pest control — mastering both “grub and soil” insects, and the disease carrying pests that haunt the surface of your lawn. If you think growing grass can get specific, wait until you learn all the different ways that you have to treat specific pests. Not that you can’t do it. We believe in you. We also believe that calling Personal Lawn Care will save you hundreds of dollars on different insecticides, and hours, if not seasons, of trial and error.

That’s all for part one of our Summer Tips for Lawn Care series. Stay tuned in for part two, and get in touch with the experts at Personal Lawn Care for a lawn that will make a summer you’ll never forget.