If you haven’t read part one of this series, be sure to catch up on our first three lawn care tips to prepare your yard for spring. If you live in Memphis and the surrounding areas, don’t let the warm days and backyard parties sneak up on you — get in touch with Personal Lawn Care!

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Without further ado, here are three more lawn care tips for preparing your yard for the springtime.

4. Overseed

During the winter, it’s easy for the health of your lawn to go unnoticed. As you look forward to spring, you will want to address any bare patches that may have formed during the colder months. In the language of lawn care, “overseeding” refers to the process of sowing seed over existing grass in your yard. It is a fertilization process that requires the use of more than one type of nitrogen fertilizer, with applications spread over the course of five to six weeks. While it can be done with a can-do attitude, some very specific Google-ing, patience, and timely follow-up, I’d recommend contacting a local lawn care provider to handle the entire process for you. Plus, experts like Personal Lawn Care can add overseeding to a custom service package designed around your needs, or include it in a more robust fertilization service. That brings us to our next point…. fertilizing!

Note: Spring isn’t the best time to overseed your lawn, as most experts agree on fall. However, as you head into spring, it is still recommended as a specific treatment for bare patches that exist on your lawn.

5. Fertilize!

Lots of homeowners like to fertilize their lawns themselves, but most have a very basic, and often misinformed understanding of how fertilization works, what types of fertilizer should be applied to their grass, and other key aspects of this important lawn care practice. You can check out our previous blog post for answers to your most frequently asked questions about fertilizing, but we’d always recommend contacting a professional to ensure that you are doing things the right way.

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6. Apply Herbicides

As the temperatures rise and the days get consistently warmer, pesky weeds like crabgrass will begin their attack on your lawn. To fight back, you will need to apply the proper herbicides to your lawn. Keep an eye out for our blog post on herbicides, but for now, there are two main types of herbicides that will need to be used:

  • Preemergent: These herbicides can be applied in anticipation of the warmer days of spring. They are used as a preemptive measure to prevent seedlings from emerging in the first place.
  • Emergent: These are the herbicides that come out when it’s time to treat a stubborn patch of weeds in your lawn. Crabgrass and dandelions are among the usual suspects, and emergent pesticides can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, pulling weeds out by the roots.

For information about the first three tips, please check out part one of this series. Knowing these six lawn care tips can help you prepare your yard for spring, but executing everything correctly is another matter, entirely. If you want to have the yard that the neighborhood won’t stop talking about, get in touch with Personal Lawn Care to schedule a professional service for your property in Memphis.