It is officially SPRING!  Along with pretty flowers and green grass, here in the mid-south it also means that tree seedlings will be sprouting. Tree seedlings can be found in most yards this time of year because, just like their partner in crime fireweed, they germinate in the thatch layer of your lawn, not in the soil. Therefore, pre-emergent treatments are less effective.

Also, those little tree seeds have a lot of stored energy in them and they can’t wait to start growing into a new tree! Once these little guys have sprouted, they can be controlled by post-emerge herbicides and by simply mowing.

What should you do as the homeowner? Mow your lawn. Not only will this make things look better, but it will also rob the seedlings of the ability to continue to grow by eliminating those tiny little leaves. We are currently applying the second weed control as well as a liquid fertilizer at this time. We will be there soon.

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