weed control services from personal lawn care memphis

When you care about the health and appearance of your lawn, it can feel like you are in a never-ending war with weeds — and you aren’t wrong. Weed control is a year-round process that requires specific strategies and treatments in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Every lawn has its own set of needs and challenges, and only a professional can create a weed control treatment plan that’s right for your lawn. Read on to learn more about the importance of seasonal weed control, and contact the experts at Personal Lawn Care to schedule an estimate for your home or business in Memphis.

Spring Weed Control

Without a proper treatment in early spring, you can find yourself “in the weeds” all year long. The springtime calls for pre-emergent weed control, meaning, you guessed it, treatments applied before weeds start popping up in your grass. It’s easy to wait until weeds emerge, but like all things, it’s better to be proactive. To be most effective, your first weed control treatment should occur before your grass turns green. At Personal Lawn Care, we use the latest technology to create a barrier in the soil that prevents the majority of pesky springtime weeds from showing up. Want to start the year off on-the-right-foot? Contact us to schedule an estimate.

Summer Weed Control

The season of barbecues and get-togethers is the most important time to keep your lawn healthy and green. Your first summer weed control treatment should occur early in the season, ideally in the late spring. To begin, you will need to remove any weeds that have shown up since your spring session, but if it was done correctly the majority of your time will be spent continuing the pre-emergent treatments to prevent late-summer breakthroughs. When you hire Personal Lawn Care, our experts will also target difficult weeds and problem areas in your yard during this weed control service. Don’t let weeds crash your summer parties — get in touch with us today!

Fall/ Winter Weed Control

As the weather starts to cool off, it’s easy to forget about weed control. However, allowing the fall to pass without treating your weeds can make your next cycle much more difficult. Plus, resilient weeds still grow in the winter if nothing is done to keep them from germinating. At Personal Lawn Care, we will treat your lawn to ensure that you start off on the right foot next spring.

It’s easy to become intimidated by the year-long battle with weeds, but hiring the weed control experts at Personal Lawn Care will keep your yard healthy and beautiful throughout the seasons. To best fit the budget and needs of our customers, we offer our Total Care Service package and A La Carte services for your property. Total Care Service customers can reach out to us throughout the year for touch ups if needed, and we offer touch ups for 30 days after an A La Carte service. Keep up with our blog for more weed control information and tips, and get in touch with us today to schedule an estimate!