1. Do my shrubs need dormant oil?

    After the beautiful colors of fall have passed, and winter settles in, you may think that you can take a break from gardening. But what you do during the cold winter months can greatly impact your gardening success If your landscaping has struggled with insect damage, dormant oil is a must. When plants are actively growing and flowers blooming, there are a number of insecticide options. But you al…Read More

  2. The 411 on Dormant Oil

    If you're looking for an effective, safe, environmentally friendly way to manage insects on your trees and shrubs, dormant oil may be for you. Heres what you need to know... 1. Dormant oil is a highly refined paraffin or waxy-type oil, similar to baby oil. 2 It is considered one of the safest contact-type insecticides 3. It is chemical free and less toxic to beneficial insects 4. The oil works by …Read More