1. young woman mowing the lawn

    7 Tips for a Lush Lawn

    You may not be too concerned about how you’re mowing your lawn — all that really matters is that it looks lush and lively. After all, is there a wrong way to mow? According to most lawn care professionals, there absolutely is a right and wrong way to go about mowing your lawn. Proper lawn care can help promote the lush lawn condition that you’re looking for. Conversely, going about lawn care…Read More

  2. Summer Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance – Pt. Two

    Summer in Memphis is in full-swing. The hot sun is beating down on our yards and if you don’t take the right measures to keep your grass healthy, you will soon be flying the brown, patchy flag of a neglected lawn. In the second part of our series – Summer Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance – we share three more tips that will help you create a pleasant and inviting yard  for you and your lo…Read More

  3. Summer Tips for Lawn Care and Maintenance – Pt. One

    Nothing says “summer in the South” quite like a BBQ or neighborhood hangout on your fresh cut lawn. That being said, no one wants to invite their friends, family, or coworkers over to stand around on dead, brown patches of grass. Proper lawn care is about more than having green grass, it’s about setting a stage where you and your guests can relax and create lasting memories. In part one of t…Read More