1. young woman mowing the lawn

    7 Tips for a Lush Lawn

    You may not be too concerned about how you’re mowing your lawn — all that really matters is that it looks lush and lively. After all, is there a wrong way to mow? According to most lawn care professionals, there absolutely is a right and wrong way to go about mowing your lawn. Proper lawn care can help promote the lush lawn condition that you’re looking for. Conversely, going about lawn care…Read More

  2. Six Lawn Care Tips To Prepare for Spring – Part Two

    If you haven’t read part one of this series, be sure to catch up on our first three lawn care tips to prepare your yard for spring. If you live in Memphis and the surrounding areas, don’t let the warm days and backyard parties sneak up on you — get in touch with Personal Lawn Care! With more than 25 years of providing professional lawn care services to residents in the Memphis area, the expe…Read More

  3. Six Lawn Care Tips To Prepare for Spring – Part One

    They say: “spring is in the air…”  Well, almost. As we round out the month of February, most of us are looking forward to putting the cold, winter days behind us. While it’s not quite time to plant a garden or pull out the picnic basket, it’s high-time you start preparing your lawn for the spring. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of six lawn care tips to prepare your yar…Read More