OK… So what is Scalping?

Scalping means cutting your lawn at the lowest possible mower setting. While you lawn may look a little exposed at first, in the end you are getting last year’s growth out of the way so the young Spring growth can make a strong début.

One Important Note: if your lawn is fescue you should not scalp. Scalping fescue will seriously inhibit the growth and resiliency.

Scalp Late February to Early March

The reason we don’t scalp in the Fall is that your lawn needs a “winter coat”. That layer of extra grass helps to insulate the roots and ensures strong spring growth.

Once you start to feel that Ahhhh… spring is coming feeling it is time to start thinking sclaping. If you scalp too early you risk damaging roots due to the cold, too late and you may scalp off new growth (which totally defeats the purpose)

And that is about all there is to say about scalping… its easier than you think.