A springtime cut could save you a bundle! Here are seven ways properly scalping can reduce lawn maintenance costs:

  1. Green with Envy: Removing old, brown growth will help your lawn be the first to green up this spring.
  2. Thatch-versary: Bagging the clippings when you scalp will help slow down thatch accumulation. A thick thatch layer is expensive and time consuming to remove. Prevention is the best medicine.
  3. A Deep Breath: Just like you need the right amount of oxygen to feel your best, your lawn does, too. A thick mat of dead grass will reduce oxygen available to the roots of your turf, weakening it and leaving it vulnerable.
  4. Most bang for your buck: Imagine, you spend good money on a lawn maintenance service or DIY products only to have them run into the gutter at the next rain due to your thatch overgrowth! Scalping will allow for better penetration of weed control and fertilization products.
  5. De-Bugging: Insect control and prevention can hit your wallet hard.  Scalping not only removes places for the pesky little buggers to hide, but also gives your turf a fighting chance.
  6. Health 101: A strong lawn is a healthy lawn. By increasing oxygen and water to the soil you help to ensure a strong vibrant lawn that is more disease resistant. As Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  7. Stretching Out: When your lawn is healthy, vibrant, and doesn’t have to compete with an overgrowth of thatch, it can put its time and energy into spreading out and working its way toward the thick, lush carpet every homeowner wants from their lawn.