Everyone has that one house in their neighborhood that always boasts an idyllic, lush green lawn. You know, that yard that makes everyone else’s look bad? You may not be comfortable asking your neighbor what their secret is, but we can assure you that proper fertilization is a big part of it.

In today’s post, we are going to provide answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about lawn fertilizer to help you level up your knowledge and begin your journey to a healthier and more attractive lawn. Want to skip the journey and become THAT house in your neighborhood? Get in touch with the experts at Personal Lawn Care to schedule an estimate!

Why Do I Need To Fertilize My Lawn?

Let’s start with the basics. To put it simply, your lawn is like the human body. You can give it all the water that it needs, but that alone is not enough to survive — and it certainly isn’t enough to have the body of an Olympian. Like your body, your lawn needs a healthy intake of food, and lawn fertilizer is packed with all of the nutrients that grass needs to survive, grow, and thrive.

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What Does Lawn Fertilizer Do?

Fertilizing your lawn encourages healthy grass growth and provides that lush green color that everyone is after. It also helps the roots of your grass grow strong and resilient so they can fight off diseases, withstand high temperatures, and handle heavy foot-traffic. So if you’re a fan of tossing the pigskin, playing fetch with your dog, or hosting large gatherings, lawn fertilizer doesn’t only give you green grass to play on, it also fortifies your grass so that it can withstand all of the action you throw at it.

How Do I Pick the Right Lawn Fertilizer?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right lawn fertilizer. First, you will need to determine the kind of grass on your lawn. Then, you need to consider the specific needs of your lawn, from weed control to insect and pest treatments. After that, you need to make sure that you choose a lawn fertilizer that is appropriate for the season, as grass has different needs depending on the time of year that you fertilize it. Sound complicated? It can be. If you want a simple solution, get in touch with the experts at Personal Lawn Care to have a treatment plan built around the specific needs of your lawn.

What Is the Best Time of Day To Apply Lawn Fertilizer?

Let’s start with when you shouldn’t fertilize your lawn. You should never fertilize with a scorching hot sun beating down on your grass. Generally, this means that using lawn fertilizer in the late afternoon or early evening is your best bet. Of course, this varies by the lawn. If you have shade or tree-cover your fertilizing time can be more flexible.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before I Fertilize My Lawn?

Mowing and raking are always recommended before using lawn fertilizer. If you want to go all-the-way, aerate your lawn before fertilizing. Mowing and raking help get excess debris out of the way so that fertilizer can easily reach the soil. Aerating your lawn creates a direct channel to the soil and roots of your grass, maximizing the effect of your fertilizer.

There are many things to consider when it comes to fertilizing your lawn, and there’s a reason why residents in Memphis turn to Personal Lawn Care for their fertilization services. Want premium and affordable lawn care for your home or business? Get in touch with us today to schedule an estimate!