If you’re looking for an effective, safe, environmentally friendly way to manage insects on your trees and shrubs, dormant oil may be for you. Heres what you need to know…

1. Dormant oil is a highly refined paraffin or waxy-type oil, similar to baby oil.

2 It is considered one of the safest contact-type insecticides

3. It is chemical free and less toxic to beneficial insects

4. The oil works by creating a thin layer over the plant’s surface including any insects. eggs or larvae. The insects, eggs or larvae cannot get the oxygen they need and cannot survive.

5. The most important factor is timing. Dormant oil will damage any buds, leaves or flowers of the plant. It must be used after a plant goes dormant in the fall and before it begins to bud in the spring.

6. Dormant oil does not control all types of insects, but is very effective on most types that infest shrubs and trees

Dormant oil should be used as part of a comprehensive maintenance program. The dormant oil alone will not solve insect infestations, but it will give your landscaping a fighting chance. You may still use other insecticides during the growing season as needed. But, as always, be sure to read and follow label instructions!

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