As a homeowner you take pride in your real estate investment. From mowing to flowerbeds to Christmas lights, you put a lot of time, effort and, most importantly, money into your outdoor living space. There is one aspect of your landscape plan that you may have overlooked… liming. Maintaining proper soil pH will not only provide the best growing environment for your turf, but it will also ensure you get the highest efficacy out of every weed control and fertilization application.

A lime application is indicated when your soil pH is beyond a certain range. pH is the measure of acidity in the soil. Most turf grasses prefer a pH between 6 and 7. If you have had a soil analysis done and your pH is outside of that range, then your lawn may be under unneccesary stress. When turf is stressed it may become thin and weak leading to disease issues and weed breakthrough. Bringing the pH back into an optimal range will help ensure that soil nutrients are easily available, encouraging strong growth.

So, for that lush, thick turf that is less susceptible to disease and gets the most efficiency from every weed control and fertilization application it will be worth your time, and especially your money, to get your soil analyzed and address any pH issues.

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