February and March are the time to get our yards ready for Spring.

According to Hunter Ivy of Ivy’s Lawn & Garden Care, right now we are trimming monkey grass, ornamental grass, and other spent perennials.  We also provide late winter clean ups to include final leaf removals as well as shrub maintenance if needed.

For long-term appearance, Crape Myrtles should be thinned, not topped.  We selectively remove drooping and competing branches as needed but leave the canopy untouched.

It’s also a great time to install bushes and Zoysia or Bermuda sod before the heat of summer arrives.  Shady areas can benefit from seeding Fescue.

March will be busy with mulching beds.  The standard mulch product is still the dark-brown shredded hardwood, but many customers request pine needle mulch with which I find numerous benefits over the hardwood.

In early spring we also mow lawns short to remove last year’s taller growth, reduce thatch, and encourage early green-up.

There’s always something to do in the yard, and I’d love to help you out.

Hunter Ivy

Ivy’s Lawn & Garden Care, Inc.