Weed control services are essential for proper lawn maintenance. You spend too much time and money keeping your yard well-groomed to have it ruined by pesky weeds. We know all too well that that’s easier said than done. Weed removal is an ongoing process during the spring and summer months. At Personal Lawn Care, we offer year-round weed control services to prevent as many weeds from growing as possible, and remove the few that might grow.

Weeds can cause major issues for your lawn, which is why weed control is an essential lawn care service. Not only are weeds detrimental to your lawn’s growth, but they can be dangerous for kids and pets, too. Continue reading to learn more about the problems weeds pose to your lawn.

Weeds Compete with Your Grass, Plants and Flowers

Spring is finally here and you just spent the weekend buying and planting new flowers for your yard. Everything looks beautiful! The grass is growing beautifully thanks to fertilizer and a good watering schedule. You now get to relax in your own little Eden. But wait — is that a weed? Uh oh. Little do you know the complications weeds can cause to your once healthy grass and plants.

Weeds grow rapidly across lawns because they steal nutrients from the grass and neighboring plants or flowers. These nutrients can be as complex as fertilizing compounds, or as simple as water. As long as weeds are around, your lawn will be deprived of essentials that it needs to grow properly. Weeds also compete for space and can block sunlight, further destroying your grass, plants and flowers. Invasive weeds are some of the most harmful contaminants in a yard. Don’t hesitate to remove them as soon as you see one.

Weeds Can Be Harmful to Children and Pets

Weeds bring with them harmful diseases that can be dangerous if ingested by your pets. Hopefully your kids won’t get the urge to eat any weeds, but some weeds could still cause rashes and other unwanted problems. Common weeds like Ragweed, Pigweed, and Ryegrass can contribute to asthma and other respiratory issues in children and other family members.

It’s important to recognize possibly poisonous weeds in your yard, too. Fireweed is common in Memphis and very poisonous.

Another potential issue arises if weeds manage to grow into your water supply and ruin the water quality. Weeds have a tendency to spread rapidly and have the ability to grow into any structure or building. This capability makes it that much more crucial to incorporate good weed control services into your lawn maintenance. Keep your yard a safe haven to enjoy and play in with expert weed control services from Personal Lawn Care.

Weeds Create Natural Homes for Pests and Insects

Many weeds grow in bundles or patches which can become the perfect nesting areas for insects and critters. Since weeds steal nutrients from grassy areas, it’s easy for infestation to quickly follow after weeds start seeding and growing rapidly. Insects and diseases are obviously harmful to pets and humans, but could also prevent any gardens from growing full, healthy vegetables and plants. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, our insect control services could help.

Recognize and Identify Common Weeds

Be aware of these invasive and detrimental weeds in your lawn. Contact us today to help you remove any of these weeds from your lawn.

Common Weeds in Memphis:

  • Nutsedge, or Nutgrass
  • Fireweed
  • Kyllinga
  • Virginia Buttonweed
  • Doveweed
  • Dallisgrass
  • Goosegrass
  • Crabgrass

Uproot the Problem with Personal Lawn Care

Personal Lawn Care is available for all of your weed control needs in Memphis. Our services last all year to consistently treat your lawn and prevent weeds. Our team of landscaping professionals are dedicated to making your lawn look great and we treat each yard as if it were our own. Learn more about our lawn care services or contact us to schedule your first treatment.